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Spikey2005   Posted 14th Jan 2010 12:13am
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A UK network that is one of the top UK mobile phone companies.
But today, I have posted this to warn you all about vodafone and share my opinion that I do not recommend anyone going with that mobile network. Let me explain why.

My friend from work wanted to upgrade to the iphone because he saw me with it constantly and he loved the fact that there was 90,000 applications available for it. To get this, he would have to ask if Vodafone would end his current contract to get a new one for the iphone.
They said his contract is due to end this year in June, so they were going to reduce it to £20 a month this month, and then £15 next month.
The person who dealt with this for him actually said he was going to do, but later on, he receives a call to say that they had put it to £30.

Now my friend in his right mind argued the fact with them about this, and the person he spoke to on the phone at Vodafone was VERY rude.
I was sitting in the car, listening to his conversation on the phone about it and in my opinion, their customer services suck more balls than a monkey could suck while picking nits out of another monkeys butt hole (excuse my french),
The women was rude, and told my friend that she could not put the contract to £20 because of the contract. Five minutes later, she then stated that she was not willing to do it either.
So thats two sistuations that my frend was put in.

1) Vodafone claimed they could not do it, because of the contract, but another person said to my friend earlier that he could do it

2) The Vodafone spokeswomen said that she was not willing to put the contract to £20 - Sounds like a personal grudge to me.

So my friend argued this case to her, but she was sure that she was the right, and forgetting the main important fact: The customer is always right.

My friend wanted to have his call checked because all calls are recorded for training or other porposes. Vodafone spokeswomen refused to check the recorded call and said that the calls are not recorded.

So, there you have it.
Vodafone - Bad customer service and they lie to you about what they are going to do for you.

I hope that this message will make people in the UK aware of the network and hopefully save others from this problem also occuring in the future.
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sobe    Posted 14th Jan 2010 2:33am
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You should ask him to take a peek at the Droid

But in all seriousness, if they claimed they could at first, then later deny the claim. Those calls are monitored are they not? I'd take them to court and state what time he called. He could then get out of the contract, get some money for the hassle, and switch to whatever network he likes.

I believe they are legally obligated to monitor calls. I'm not 100% certain, but I believe so. In any case I'd take the claim to someone with legal knowledge and check.
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Spikey2005   Posted 14th Jan 2010 5:14pm
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Thankfully, he has been onto them again today, he spoke to the guy who presented the £20 contract and got it to that. He has now ordered his iphone, he has a email to say his order is being processed, but dilvery date, even when the email clearly states that he will have a delivery date within 12 hours.... Great, another screw up on their behalf again lol.
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hA Warlord   Posted 14th Jan 2010 11:26pm
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Vodafone (Now Telenor here in Sweden) has never given me any trouble and i have been a customer for several years.

My brother works for the company so i always get free stuff from him
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Assaultman67    Posted 15th Jan 2010 12:10am
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Its standard procedure for cell phone companies to screw with their customers ...

Ive seen people pay for minutes on a prepaid and only get half of what they paid for ...
vibes   Posted 18th Jan 2010 6:34am
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I use to be with vodaphone, and I terminated my contract with them due to being over charged and also finding the service centre very rude. Months after I received a bill from them which I knew was for monies I did not owe. took a while to argue my case but eventually they stopped hassaling me. I had the same recently with BT they kept trying to charge me for things I should of been getting for free, so I terminated my contract with them. Next BT send me a bill for £89 I knew that I did not owe this in fact I worked out they owed me £17 I did not care about £17 I just wanted them to stop hassaling me for money.

Anyway after repeated letters from BT and threating court letters even tho I explained I did not owe them anything. I finally saw my a$$ and explained my rights and my working out that they owed me money. Last week they sent me a chegue for the £17

Ironically they have also sent me a few letters asking me to come back to BT and have I experienced any unexpected charges from my new supplier    
Spikey2005   Posted 18th Jan 2010 12:53pm
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Hmmm thats interesting that. So we are now well aware that vodafone are defently a network without customer care.
My friend managed to get his upgrade eventually and he now posses an iPhone.

This is just a warning to everyone else in the future for these named networks.
Always watch what you are doing and read the full terms of your contracts. If the networks break their contracts, they are breaking their end of the deal and are eligable to be taken to court for it. Im always careful with my contract with O2 and I work out how much money ive spent with my phone on a daily bases. Dont let these networks be a fraud to you. You are the customer and the customer is always right!

The best thing ive learnt is that if your getting bad rep from a network company or any other company, always threaten you will take the concerns to your local news on tv or newspaper. That will put them on edge and then they will meet up with your demands!
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