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naraku KOTB   Posted 28th Nov 2009 11:06pm
L4Y Member
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I Can't sign in to my messenger. And Nothing I've done has fixed it at all. I just keep getting that message, I wanted to ask if anyone knew if my internet connection might have something to do with it. I'm stealing a signal from my neighbor with a usb adapter. Could this be a problem?
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Spikey2005   Posted 28th Nov 2009 11:53pm
L4Y Member
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Well first off, if you can establish a successful connection to your neighbours router, then I would say the problem does not lye with your computer. The problem might lye with Microsoft's messenger servers. The problem might lye with the router it self. Does your neighbour know you connect to their router?
They might of changed some of the router settings because they found out your connecting.
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naraku KOTB   Posted 29th Nov 2009 12:26am
L4Y Member
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Hmm, no I don't think so, I can sign in into other messengers just fine, such as x fire. And I don't think my neighbor has found out about me yet, regardless,no one in my neighborhood is capable or even knows how to do such a thing with their router. I'm pretty sure it's my neighbor to my right >... And I KNOW he doesn't know anything about computers. Unless someone helped him.
NoClanFrank    Posted 7th Mar 2010 7:11am
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And forward slash too.
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