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Garner    Posted 31st Oct 2009 10:20pm
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5.8 under 7 on my laptop, was 5.6 under Vista.

3DMark06 showed about 450 point improvement over Vista on exactly the same hardware.

I've also gained about an extra half an hour battery life with 7 over that of Vista. Certainly a lot more efficient.
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RED-FROG   Posted 3rd May 2010 4:41pm
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(AMD Phenom II 955BE, HD5870 stock-OCed, 4GB RAM, intel 80GB x-25)

(27.10.2009: 7,3 - 7,5 - 7,5 - 7,5 - 7,3)

Not much changed in the statistics However I have a new HD5870 now, and the Sata6G ASUS PCIe card, which may be the reason for the even better SSD speed.

Even when I overclock my quadcore from 3,2Ghz to crazy 3,9Ghz (that is +4x700mhz), I get the same CPU results. Something must be wrong there. Probably it's just looking for the CPU name? I wonder what the AMD Phenom II X6 1090T does there.
Yeah..kinda fake. Even with 2Ghz I get a rating of 7,3 for the CPU. Looks like the software checks the id of the hardware (which has hardcoded ratings) and does some testing afterwards.
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