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Andersen   Posted 15th Jun 2009 8:33pm
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Well im gonna point out again, by max new looks and the dirt and blood on his shirt, im thinking its very noir just by that.
And some places in brazil is very rough, so im expecting a very crazy history again.
And one day level? come on, that cant ruin anything, the first level of mp1 was a day level so come on. Wait till gameplay before judging on how it will not stay true.

But yeah each to their own opinion
I like how the game looks, and its stay true with the characters look, just more insane and badass now.

And im with you on that Andrew! Euphoria ragdolls would be awesome! and would make a future kung fu mod for mp3 very detailed and awesome!


Haha studying the max payne poster... im thinking... MARV from sin city he got pretty much same clothes
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MAXPAYNE4664   Posted 16th Jun 2009 4:32am
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I can't imagine Max Payne with open world gameplay. However if it's anything like the police station in MP2, then I'm all over it!

As for the look, just wait until Rockstar reveals the plot. The game takes place 12 years after MP2 but we don't know what Max was going through in his mind. For all I know he probably snapped and decided to shave his head and go on a rampage of destruction. Maybe he didn't want to stay in NY because it kept reminding him of his wife and Mona Sax (going by the normal ending) so he moved to out Brazil of all the places he could have went.
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HITMAN0586   Posted 16th Jun 2009 2:09pm
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Quoting evolvercobra
And to be honest - would you like MP2 and MP1 just for Noir if he didn`t have slomo and shoot-dodges?

Yes, I fu**ing do.
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Andersen   Posted 16th Jun 2009 3:38pm
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Quoting Leonid
Thoose are not noir elements, but I do agree wih you...

Just took it from danish wiki and translated it
Film noir (French for "black film") is a film genre that is associated with crime movie with a bleak and fate of heavy atmosphere where the movie people live in a cynical and unpleasant world. The term film noir was originally launched by French film critics to describe a series of American films from 1940's and 1950's with a particular visual style, many of which were screen version of hard boiled detective novels from the 1930's.

If max isnt hard boiled and he dont live in a cynical unpleasant world.. i dont know what he is So yep it is a noir feel.
Still not black and white but mp1 or 2 wasnt either.
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damian622   Posted 16th Jun 2009 5:47pm
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Does that no PC sign on official site means that R* makes another game for consoles, and PC players can pray that they will release it one year later for their PCs?

He looks quite cool - something Bruce Willis like.

But they shouldn't call it Max Payne 3 - it looks like it would be better called "Total Overdose 2" then Max Payne.

As for that Noir: Sin City movie/comicse - that's good old Noir feeling - and not only because of colours, but atmosphere.
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damian622   Posted 16th Jun 2009 8:25pm
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Quoting scarface2
if they dont make modding stuff for this then rockstar just threw this game out of the window.
Did R* made any modding stuff for any of their games?

damian622   Posted 17th Jun 2009 6:30am
L4Y Member
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Quoting Leonid
Quoting damian622
Quoting scarface2
if they dont make modding stuff for this then rockstar just threw this game out of the window.
Did R* made any modding stuff for any of their games?

GTA series, lol
I had that talk earlier, but... Name anything R* made to help modders.

Still remember that variety of mods for Bully or Manhunt...
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Andersen   Posted 17th Jun 2009 4:12pm
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Quoting ButcherBob
Hey guys, here is a real Max Payne 3 - If game show up I definitely buy it. That comix cut-scenes, snow(!), look of main character, it's new Max!

CENSORED that game looks bad GTA Max Payne mixed and its from midway..
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HITMAN0586   Posted 17th Jun 2009 4:30pm
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Necessary Force looks great.
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Andersen   Posted 17th Jun 2009 7:08pm
L4Y Member
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Agree with evolver cobra there.

Found some high res scans of the article here they are

Reading this article sheds some light there's needed!
And it makes my statements about the noir true

The game sounds pretty cool, and they're keeping the noir just in another way.

Download the pack and read for yourself.

Still the most dissapoiting thing is they're not gonna use james maccafrey:/
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Andersen   Posted 17th Jun 2009 9:02pm
L4Y Member
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Haha man your really tough...
I can prove im buff and bald. but you would just slam me for that too.

And i dont spend 24/7 here. not like you sitting waiting around for a chance to get at someone.. man go have some sex, cause if all u can do is sit and slam people on the internet.. haha i feel sad for you, cause then u cant be out there slamming CENSORED .. sorry mate... CENSORED OFF!!
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damian622   Posted 18th Jun 2009 11:00pm
L4Y Member
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Quoting AndrewM619
What disturbs me about games these days is the massive shift to a multiplayer focus. I read a little about Dead Rising 2 recently and one of the developers on the game said there would be a multiplayer mode of some sort because "we're in a time now where you must have multiplayer. Singleplayer alone just doesn't cut it." I think that is absolute CENSORED .

If you don't know why, that's because of money. Just think of how much money Blizzard made on World of Warcraft. It's probably best money-giving game ever.

10 million users, each paying 10 $ every month...

No single player game can sold that good.

And it's really hard to crack multiplayer game, so more people will have to buy it. Especially if game will be only Internet only - two people can't play on same serial...

And there's also this point - there are two things that prolong life of game: modding and multiplayer. Without them, game is just "win it and throw to trash". Just compare Mass Effect to Knights of the Old Republic - both are RPGs from Bioware, but I think I would rather take Kotor, because I think I could find enough mods to change game enough to have new experience with second round with it, while ME would be "same old, same old".
And since games are now made for consoles, which means "no modding allowed", they must have multiplayer to have this argument "yes, you can finish single in 10 hours, but then you'll have hours of multiplayer gaming".

But to have something positive: I heard that "games will be for multiplayer only" concerns long time ago, when Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament were announced. And +-10 years later we still get games made for single.
damian622   Posted 19th Jun 2009 8:31am
L4Y Member
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Well, maybe that "trash" was to much. My point is that while games with multiplayer or those that can be modded can give more more fun then those 20 hours of single player experience, those games that are just single are "win and throw away". Maybe not to "trash", as I mentioned earlier, but after winning that game once, I just can't find enough will power to win it again just after first play though. I just remember story, so I won't get surprises. If game doesn't have that little something that's making me want to win it again, I usually leave that game for one year.

Don't know if you remember that old "Duke Nukem 3d vs 1st Quake" fights. While there were many arguments for both games, main difference between them (beside graphic and enviroment) was that DN was great single player experience, while Q was better prepared for multiplayer (wasn't that first real internet game?). (ps.: click here for picture or here for movie to see how game made over 10 years ago can look).

I also like to take some old game to play it again. Not so long ago I decided to win both Max Payne (and after playing them I must say, Max Payne 1 was much harder then second). I like to install and win again Dungeon Keeper. I think I won Fallout2 10 times. I love to play as bald, tattooed guy in black suit and sneak behind enemies with garotte. But it's little hard to decide if it's that because I love them so much, or just because I didn't found any replacements for them (probably both ).

And Blade: if "multiplayer's flavour of the month" - why they are making multiplayer mode for games since first doom (from around 1993, if I recall)? Damn, why "pong" had "two people playing" option (if you don't recall, pong is that old game, where you were one segment on one side of TV [yeah, I'm talking about games for commodore or other spectrum, when bill gates was talking that nobody will need more then 640 kilobytes of memory], your pal was segment on other side of monitor, and you had to bounce one square, hoping he won't return it)?
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damian622   Posted 19th Jun 2009 8:25pm
L4Y Member
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Oh, you mean that thing. Yeah, I also hate that. It's just that "multiplayer's flavor..." sounded to me more like your opinion about multiplayer in general.

What I hate more in those games is not that they are quite short, but that I find their storylines so boring I just can't play it. I played COD: MW for and after few levels (3, maybe 4) I just thought that story is here just to give reason to go forward and kill more guys. Maybe that was also because Kane & Lynch was released then, and I simply loved that story - and while it's another quite short game, but I won it whole to learn what will happen next (and I felt that enemies are there as obstacles to get another bit of story, same thing in Max Payne, which also isn't really long game, but you just want to win it to know what will happen).

To leave something that's in topic: let's hope Max Payne 3 will be game where enemies are to stop you from learning next bits of story, not game where story is reason why our character moved from villa to dock to have some shooting.
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