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Free, Free, Free Games
Posted Aug 9th, 04:14am by Foe
Modified Aug 9th, 06:23am by Foe
Everyone likes to get free stuff. Even if it is something we will never use. When it is free we figure, 'why not'? Sometimes it is a great way to discover new neat stuff.

Here are a few free games to try and see if they are keepers or made for the recycle bin.

Shadowbayne is offering a 10 day free trial.
- Game Features
- Shadowbayne Free 10 days

America's Army Updates to v1.9.(always free)
- Game Features
- America's Army v1.9

Battlefield 1942 WWII Demo
This is a one map multiplayer demo for Battlefield: 1942 - Secret Weapons of WWII.
- Download spot #1, BF 1942 WWII Demo
- Download spot #2, BF 1942 WWII Demo

Tron 2.0 Demo
This demo contains two single player levels (one standard FPS and one light cycle) along with two multiplayer levels (one light cycle and one disk arena).
- Tron 2.0 Demo
Trigger   Posted 9th Aug 2003 6:03am
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Nice one Foe. I was checking out Tron the other day .... it looks pretty cool.
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wrecks   Posted 9th Aug 2003 6:13am
Mapping Legend
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Sweet Foe! I gotta again push this one:

Cell shaded, unreal warefare engine game that feels like you're in a 3D comic book. This one contains two single player levels. One run and gun, the other more stealth based.
- XIII Demo

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 Foe   Posted 9th Aug 2003 6:24am
The one and only!
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That is cool w.r.e.c.k.s.. I was looking at it but knew you had posted so I didn't.
wrecks   Posted 9th Aug 2003 6:32am
Mapping Legend
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Here's another one I just found :

Mutant Storm Demo v1.3
This demo offers a glimpse at PomPom's Robotron-inspired shooter, which has 89 psychedelic 3D levels in the full version.
- Mutant Storm Demo

dfgdfbzdfbzf    Modified Aug 9th, 06:32am by wrecks
 Foe   Posted 9th Aug 2003 6:38am
The one and only!
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89 psychedelic 3D levels in the full version.

Now this is the brain child of one or two things: a child of the 60's or an adult who at some point did some acid. ;/
 Foe   Posted 9th Aug 2003 7:15pm
The one and only!
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***Excited!!!!!Another free game demo worth a look for one sentence I read in the description (highlighted part).
The world is devoid of crime – criminals and violence have been eliminated from the Earth for centuries. Life is otherwise perfect, save for the fact that it has become a monotonous routine. Boredom and complacency have taken over the population. Humanity sits on the threshold of stagnation.

In comes the ideal entertainment solution – Nexagon Deathmatch. A concept concocted by the heads of The Network as a perfect way to spice up a mundane existence... Watch as combatants hit the mortal arena and fight for the ultimate prize.

Jump into the fast-paced action of Nexagon Deathmatch – where incarcerated criminals control fierce armies with the goal of destroying their opponents. Their prize: Freedom! Get sucked into the fully 3-D destructible environment where walls become weapons. Rip apart the enemy in wild multiplayer modes.

Nexagon takes the intensity of squad-based combat, along with the fast thinking of a tactical strategy and puts it all in the same arena.

The download is 201.15 MB, took me 30 minutes on cable. Going to try to check it out today. NEXAGON Download
The official site is very cool.
Nexagon Official SiteIt was released late last month.

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