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KILLER    Posted 6th May 2009 2:53pm
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Had the same problem myself. Thank gawd everything is back to normal.
Spikey2005   Posted 10th Jun 2009 5:08pm
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Please bare in mind, DNS issues can often relate to not problems to your computer, but servers them selfs.

Explanation of DNS & DHCP (Kind of / Not Accurate
When you call for a website to your internet browser, the DNS servers have to look up the name of (for argument sake "" <<< Not a real website). The DNS server then has to search for an IP Address of the site. once obtained, your browser is then directed to the website.

Well as you may know, there are a fair amount of servers that your computer can bounce off to get to a website. Sometimes these server can have issues or have been brought down due to techincal faults. (I know this because I use to have problems connecting to a Ventrilo server once yet most of my friends where in it).
When a DNS server is down, your computer then has problems trying to locate the direct path to the IP, delaying your connection to the website. Unfortunally, sometimes your computer can get lost in the connect. You also do not get directed to a different DNS server unless that DNS server has secondary backing systems, it can then direct you to a different DNS look up... if not, well services past that DNS are down for the mean time... Call up your ISP and see if they can order an engineer to go have a look at it or if they can log it as a fault on their system.
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