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Halloween4   Posted 27th Apr 2009 11:39pm
L4Y Member
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How do you view someones public profile on this site, is it a bloody

I've been trying to work it out for ages.

All you get when you click on someones tag is, the message system come

What am I doing wrong ?
All the Best: Halloween4    
Molodiets   Posted 28th Apr 2009 12:01am
L4Y Member
Post 2396 / 2687

By clicking on profile.

Halloween4   Posted 28th Apr 2009 12:23am
L4Y Member
Post 46 / 55

You know, that just might work.

Thanks mate, you never know I might just wake up one

Although it's a pain that that profile button is only avalible in the forums section, & that's why I was finding it so hard to find it....
All the Best: Halloween4    Modified Apr 28th, 12:46am by Halloween4

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