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SkipRat    Posted 27th Nov 2008 1:41am
Post 2471 / 3024

I don't agree with how low they have put enter the dragon!

Nor the number one film (should be pulp fiction) but still its an interesting read.
Molodiets   Posted 27th Nov 2008 3:31am
L4Y Member
Post 2271 / 2687

10 hours to load a page!
SkipRat    Posted 27th Nov 2008 11:42am
Post 2472 / 3024
What? It loads instantly for me!
vibes   Posted 29th Mar 2010 9:43am
L4Y Member
Post 504 / 552

Got as far as the first page saw that Back To The Future Part II was rated as 498 out of 500 and knew there opions were not the same as mine. Class family movie should of been rated much higher.    
Beatonator    Posted 23rd Apr 2010 11:59am
Post 3391 / 3716
Texas wedges are my favourite! they taste awesome, some potatoe wedges with texas BBQ sauce. think I may have some for lunch
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