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crazyjack1994   Posted 18th Oct 2007 9:44pm
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there should be a topic or section for gran theft auto nd stuff because most of teh rf players own it.

because wouldnt it be amazing if in the free roam game mode (multi) you would just see all the rf players standing in one massive circle on grove street
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goober   Posted 18th Oct 2007 10:25pm
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I had to edit out part of your post in accordance with one of L4Y's Forum rules... Question? PM me
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 Genxer    Posted 18th Oct 2007 10:44pm
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Check out this thread here
crazyjack1994   Posted 19th Oct 2007 4:54pm
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well you could add the multiplayer as an afilaterate and you can get loads of modding tools for wepaons etc
Spikey2005   Posted 20th Oct 2007 7:52pm
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GTA San Andreas is not online by default. The Multiplayer is ran through a Game Modification so I don't think that technincally counts as an Online Game. Of course you can edit the crap out of it like change vehicle models, weapons, skins and etc...

But by nature, the game wasnt released as an online game. It is also old too in compliance to Garners sticky Thinking of suggesting a new game? and Rule #1.

For those who are interested about GTA San Andreas (PC) (Online) then visit this website.
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SkipRat    Posted 29th Aug 2008 7:48pm
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As stated last year the game is too old and already has many sites for modding out there.

Perhaps we will support GTA 4 when it comes out on PC.
L4Y   Posted 29th Aug 2008 10:07pm
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This topic was closed because...

Old topic brought up. For shame!

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