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Garner    Posted 13th Oct 2007 11:27am
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Rule 1
We only add new games, that are either very recently out or not yet released.

Older games already have established communities that would make it pointless to play catch-up on.

Rule 2
FPS, TPS and RTS games should be editable/moddable. This site provides a place for user generated content to reach the masses and as such a game that doesn't have an editor or cannot be modded will not fit in here.

MMO games are the exception here.


There it is... simple
If your game passes both rules, feel free to suggest it in this forum. Create a new topic per game so people can post their opinions on each easily.

No guarrentees naturally but each suggestion is looked at and considered.

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L4Y   Posted 13th Oct 2007 11:27am
L4Y Member

This topic was closed because...

suggestion sticky

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