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LordSeafood   Posted 20th Jun 2005 1:11pm
L4Y Member
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Now i realise that my avatar is bigger than 64x64 but with old site it just resized it so it fit ... will this be done again at a later date and if not can someone please resize it for me?
P.S. Still Alive.    
Gandalf   Posted 20th Jun 2005 2:26pm
L4Y Member
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Just use a photoshop programme to resize it, I just used Micrsoft Photo Editor which comes with Win 2000 & XP I believe.

I've just checked your avatar and in properties it says 64 x 64?
S.S.D.D.    Modified Jun 20th, 03:00pm by Gandalf
LordSeafood   Posted 21st Jun 2005 7:23am
L4Y Member
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I mean my old one and i didnt think photoshop could resize gifs

And the size is 68x50

[edit] [yellow]CENSORED the site has resized the image ... it is usually 68x50[/edit][/yellow]
P.S. Still Alive.    Modified Jun 21st, 08:28am by LordSeafood
SkipRat    Posted 14th Mar 2008 10:39am
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2 years too late.

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