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onetodome   Posted 15th May 2007 2:34pm
L4Y Member
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Hey, its ghostkid here. (my brothers acount).

Im having a problem with l4y, i cant seem to post anymore. everytime i try to post, i get the box but when i click "submit!" i get a white page and nothing happens, also in planetary command, if i click alerts and i click clear selected alerts, i get a "Bad Request" error, if i click a menu in the game, all the windows say connecting to game server and nothing happens.. Does anybody else have this problem ?
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Garner    Posted 15th May 2007 4:07pm
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Not seeing any errors here... bad request would indicate your browser is broken in someway sending something the server doesn't understand.

onetodome use the same browser or a different computer/browser?
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onetodome   Posted 15th May 2007 4:18pm
L4Y Member
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im using Opera Browser, nad i tryed logging in on firefox at my bro's computer, i got the same errors so firefox is broken ? (onetodome)
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Assman15    Posted 16th May 2007 1:52am
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As with me. Be sure you have the latest version and also be sure your installation hasn't been corrupted some how.
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