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Unborn-demon   Posted 14th Feb 2007 7:01am
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Theres alot of maps and mods floating around out there for this game and i think it would be cool if they were all organized and put on a website so we had easy access to them rather than running around like a moron searching for those loose mods
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 Genxer    Posted 14th Feb 2007 10:51am
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Great game, multi is fantastic on Duelling with sabers.
DaveMan_CI   Posted 14th Feb 2007 12:25pm
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Quoting ak47

and i haven't heard of game called SWJKJA

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is the answer to that...

Yeah tis a good game! used to play it loads, love the online with sabers as other peeps have stated, good times.
D2k   Posted 14th Feb 2007 6:25pm
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I still have starwars jedi knight: Dark forces 2 for PC... gawd, i love that game! its a classic!

Somehow the cd's and even the jewel case are still in tact. they even look half-decent.
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