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Duke    Posted 24th Jan 2007 7:18am
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I know Garner's rules on new games, and how new sections are started before the game is released, but I thought that Soldat, being a free-2-play downloadable game would be somewhat different.

Soldat is a 2D game akin to the Contra games. Players get to choose a primary and secondary weapon from the start, but can swap those for any weapons found in the map. The game already has a few mods out for it, and has a rather large online following.

Full details can be found at the game's Wikipedia page and at Soldat's homepage.
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sobe    Posted 24th Jan 2007 5:02pm
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Reminds me of Worms or Metal Slug
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Mostertman    Posted 24th Jan 2007 5:55pm
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Quoting sobe
Reminds me of Worms or Metal Slug

I just played Metal slug like a week or two ago on my PSX

I man what a great game it is
AmonUilos   Posted 15th Jun 2007 6:54am
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Soldat is amazing and has a large user base already, with many mods having been made for it. I've been playing for years now, even tried to register once, however it didn't work out so well as I had problems with my email, and could not recieve the registration code.

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