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SSGWarHog   Posted 4th Jan 2007 11:59pm
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surprised this is not here yet.

One of the most awaited Singleplayer-modificaions for Far Cry - Matto 4 - is ready to be played by you, after about one and a half year programming ( precisely its been 1 year, 7 months and 4 days).
Matto 4 will take you about 4 hours to play through, so its rather one of those addons you have to pay for, than a normal mod. You’ll fight through 7 excellent designed levels while you continue the Matto-Story by playing Jack Carver. United with new team-members you’ll enter the A.R.M-Complex to fight the guy that shot you, once again.
Armed with several new weapons you’ll fight through temples, industrial areas and of course the jungle.
We gave our very best to get the best graphics possible out of the cry-engine 1.

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