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DeathMonger   Posted 12th Dec 2006 4:40am
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4 days ago, it wouldnt unzip at all, saying that it was a corrupt file....Now it unzips to my UT '99 System folder ok, but the voicepack doesnt show as a choice in my voicepack list when I go to play UT.

Just wondring WAZAP.
MAXPAYNE4664   Posted 12th Dec 2006 4:42am
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Is this problem related to Unreal 99? Maybe you should have posted this there...
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Duke    Posted 12th Dec 2006 7:06am
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I'd move the topic, but I don't have the access to the main forums.

Oh, and perhaps you installed it incorrectly?
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DeathMonger   Posted 22nd Dec 2006 12:41am
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I thought this forum was for all games...and yes, I installed it correctly (both files go into UT/System Folder).

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