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NAB   Posted 22nd Oct 2006 8:44am
L4Y Member
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Hi All, N.A.B. here. I'm still having problems downloading files from this site. I keep timing out. Whats up or down should I say?
CommanderViper   Posted 22nd Oct 2006 9:58am
L4Y Member
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When you get the small popup window after you click "Download" from the screen that says "# if 20 downloading ; # queued" do you watch the window for it to tell you that you can download the file? It should look like this when your download is ready:

When you get this, click the grey link (the second line down) that says "Download File" and it should work just fine.

If you're talking about the file download after that point (where you're actually downloading the file) timing out, then Garner should help you with this.
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Garner    Posted 22nd Oct 2006 1:08pm
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Fileserver is working perfectly has been now for 3-4 days. Just run through a test and got the file first time without a hitch...

Do you get the window shown by CommanderViper above? If not, check any popup blocker settings you might have and try again.
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