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Ender   Posted 13th Oct 2006 8:14am
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We need a Neverwinter nights 2 section that game is going to kick cheeks.
D2k   Posted 13th Oct 2006 8:30am
L4Y Member
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As a D&D fan myself i fell in love with the first NWN. Ran around with my monk up until level 40 in the HOTU expansion. By then my monk was so strong nobody could hit me with a grand total of 87 AC. Also dealing 60-80 damage normally with 6 attacks per round.

Mabye ill choose a magic user for NWN2. mabye play as a cleric/fighter, wizard, or a sorcerer.

dunno why you posted this in the Halo section thow.
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Ender   Posted 13th Oct 2006 8:49am
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Quoting D2k

you posted this in the Halo section thow.


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