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McBainv1   Posted 12th Sep 2006 6:00pm
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Anyone played this game?
I've only just seen it and it is possible that my system might be able to run it. Since I cannot play Half Life 2 (56k means that there is no chance of me getting through all of the Steam bull$h1t) I thought that this might prove an alternative.
Any opinions welcome
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 Genxer    Posted 12th Sep 2006 6:04pm
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Prey is a good game, I thoughly enjoyed it.

Good graphics, gameplay, carnage, blood

My only woe is that its on a modified Doom3 engine and you can notice the past-y-ness of the characters.

Worth a buy I would say.
The_Doc   Posted 12th Sep 2006 7:44pm
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Brilliant game, got it on release and have regretted it.

It looks and sounds great, and the storyline is big!

Pretty cheap now (well it is in the UK )
Schuy01   Posted 12th Sep 2006 8:11pm
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I like the story line, but its a really short game. Once you figure out the basic mechanics of the game, the rest you can just blow right through.

Genxer has a point, the people do look plasticky, but I guess they can't figure out how to reproduce a realistic skin-like shader. Oh well, no big loss.

The weapons are phenominal! They put so much detail not only into just the graphics, but they are animated as if the weapons were alive (and some are ).

I just want to know how the engine renders the portal effects.

Its worth the buy if you have a pc that can handle it. But for multi-player, look someplace else.
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SkipRat    Posted 12th Sep 2006 10:03pm
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I had it on 360 and im guessing its the same game. wicked graphics, but its kinda like doom 3 - not really any huge levels or anything... A good laugh but the game takes about 8 hours to play through and online it isnt much fun.

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