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Mostertman    Posted 5th Sep 2006 8:12pm
Post 1341 / 2820
I don't know the use of it, but I still think it looks pretty cool. as for this piece of work, someone spend alot of time making it!

(page is sometimes a bit slow on loading all the pictures, hitting the refresh button 2 or 3 times helped for me )
DVL_IAC   Posted 5th Sep 2006 9:25pm
L4Y Member
Post 990 / 1417

Interesting picture. Too bad it wasnt 1 big pic insted of a bunch of little pics all stuck together, so you could view the whole thing at once insted of having to scroll all around the screen.
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SKA-Diesel   Posted 5th Sep 2006 10:52pm
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Post 625 / 719

Thats rather impressive. Must have taken a while to do.
sobe    Posted 6th Sep 2006 2:39am
Post 1926 / 3194
Doesn't matter if it's 100 different pics in 1, it's still amazing! Hell, I like the cops and robbers on the bridge! lol
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Mostertman    Posted 6th Sep 2006 10:08am
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The site seems to be dead now.

So i looked up some new ones for y'all

I still think the one it the start post was the best, but since he ran out of bandwidth, you'll just have to do with these ones

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