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SKA-Diesel   Posted 5th Sep 2006 10:05am
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hey folks read the first post in this LINK
elliooo   Posted 5th Sep 2006 11:31am
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There you have it...

This kind of stuff is doing nothing to help situations in the world. People who write these kind of articles only instil fear in people, fear which leads to anger. We don't need such things.

It is false, Islam is not dedicated to destroying 'non-believers' that is a lie.

This thread will be watched very closely, my finger poised over the close button.
D2k   Posted 5th Sep 2006 12:04pm
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Well, i would post what i really think of this situiation... but i probably would get in trouble...

So in a nutshell ill just say why be a follower of a religion that you have doubts about, or unable to discern what the religion is really about? Believe in what you want and that there is your own personal religion. I dont see why not... Alot of people have done it before and they have millions of followers today.

Now let me go run for cover before this thread explodes...
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cyrus5   Posted 5th Sep 2006 1:28pm
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Quoting elliooo

fear which leads to anger,

... anger leads to hate; Hate leads to the dark side...

Interesting link that, a good read, makes some good points, but some of the comments people made were correct, that it is not the interpretation that most muslims lend the term 'jihad' to.

I think people have got it all wrong when they try to cram religion down peoples throats. No one should ever command, or need to command, another to do something in the name of their [interpretation of] religion. Religion is not a subsitute for free will, after all it is our self aware conciousness that is gods gift to us and what allegedly seperates us from the 'beasts'.

Organised religion should be treated as nothing other than a staging ground to discovering your own spirituality.

I dont go to church, I am pragmatist and scientifically natured, yet I do believe there is a life after death. The bible makes reference to the fact that god/allah/whoever is omnipotent, all around us, well isnt just living my life and being good and happy the best tribute I could pay to my existence? You cant ask anymore of someone than that.
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L4Y   Posted 5th Sep 2006 2:26pm
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This topic was closed because...

Certainly not going to spend the next week constantly checking this thread... closing it now.

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