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Mostertman    Posted 25th Aug 2006 6:50pm
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Yesterday we have been told that we can't call Pluto a planet anymore. At Worth1000 they disagreed and discided to take action.

take a look here
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goober   Posted 25th Aug 2006 7:28pm
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meh, pluto is still the same thing, only now scientists and schools dont call it one... whats the problem?
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MAXPAYNE4664   Posted 25th Aug 2006 7:40pm
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I Like Pluto.....

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D2k   Posted 25th Aug 2006 8:01pm
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its sad that people are arguing about a flying rock in space that they cant even reach.

Stupid people will argue about anything.
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HitPerson   Posted 25th Aug 2006 10:13pm
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If they're being serious, that's pretty lame.

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I don't know about that particular picture, but the rest are some pretty funny photoshops it would seem.
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Mostertman    Posted 26th Aug 2006 1:44pm
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Yeah some more of them are pretty funny.

Beatonator    Posted 26th Aug 2006 10:52pm
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Haha. awesome

I always knew that Pluto was classed as a "Large Moon size", but everyone was happy to call it a planet due to its behaviour. Just because its smaller doesnt mean it isnt still a planet.
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