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Mostertman    Posted 17th Aug 2006 3:30pm
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What is your name in battlefield 2?

I know there are people on here that play battlefield 2 What are your names in the game?
that way I can put your names into my leader board on A great site for keeping track of your BF2 stats and progress, and the stats and progress of others.
 Genxer    Posted 17th Aug 2006 3:46pm
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Yup I always use that site for stats, good all round site for info on badges, ranks etc as well.
The_Doc   Posted 17th Aug 2006 4:42pm
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BF2S is a helpful little site!
DaveMan_CI   Posted 17th Aug 2006 6:19pm
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My Name on it is DaveMan_CI lol

Here is my stats
sobe    Posted 17th Aug 2006 6:24pm
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Schuy01   Posted 17th Aug 2006 6:26pm
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but, I don't really play it anymore
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Mostertman    Posted 17th Aug 2006 8:54pm
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Genxer, I'm impressed! you have by far the most points, and the most bling bling (badges) from everyone in My leaderboard! Good job!

ow and my name BTW is: -->>Mostertman<<--

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