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Assaultman67    Posted 16th Aug 2006 1:42am
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Well the title pretty much sums it up ...

I am leaving for college, on thursday i start moving, friday i will be there and classes start monday. I guess this means that since i will be studying alot i won't be on L4Y and playing games nearly as often as i used to be. If i do come post on L4Y or get online it will be during the weekends.

If i am posting on L4Y during the middle of the day while im at college it will probably be safe to assume im failing college ... which would not be good. I plan on not bringing any games with me when i go and possibly blocking L4Y if i cannot concentrate ...

I guess i wanted to post this to inform the community that i will not be able to participate in any mapping or modding ... sorry.
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Assaultman67    Posted 16th Aug 2006 3:44am
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im planning to go to UNL (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)

Go Cornhuskers!!! Whoo!!

... Shakes fist at KU
Ender   Posted 16th Aug 2006 7:17am
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Good luck at college dont drink to much beer
RED_JUSTICE   Posted 16th Aug 2006 7:38am
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Best of luck to you. Study hard!
jileb   Posted 16th Aug 2006 10:45am
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best you luck to you also, will you be back?
DG    Posted 16th Aug 2006 11:56am
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Quoting Assaultman67
I guess this means that since i will be studying alot i won't be on L4Y and playing games nearly as often as i used to be.

We'll just see about that when you get there ;-)
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LordSeafood   Posted 16th Aug 2006 1:12pm
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Better make them the best years of your life

Remember to have fun!
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The_Doc   Posted 16th Aug 2006 1:37pm
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Good Luck! Just remember that as soon as you get a assignment/paper (Whatever you call it over there ) do it straight away. That way it is out of the way and you can go on L4Y!

But remember don't work yourself to hard
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Garner    Posted 16th Aug 2006 2:31pm
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I went to Uni, ended up playing more games than before Uni...
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Assaultman67    Posted 16th Aug 2006 5:54pm
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well, i have a intro to engineering seminar, a chemistry course, a calculus course and a geography course (which i hope is a easy class, i didn't have enough social science credit hours from school ...). After that they just get harder and harder every year .

I am such a horrible person when it comes to studiying, if i have something else to do that is more entertaining, i usually end up doing that instead ... PC got in the way of a final paper once . It also distracted my freinds too when i told them about it ...
Hapa Hanu   Posted 16th Aug 2006 7:22pm
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LOL - Go Cornhuskers!

Best o' luck in Lincoln man!
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Beatonator    Posted 17th Aug 2006 2:24pm
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good luck dude. hope to cya around, dont forget to keep in contact with us all here and let us know who your going.
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Assaultman67    Posted 19th Aug 2006 2:16am
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... just to show you im in contact ...

I have no classes untill monday ... but my LAN port is broken on my side of the room ... so i can't hang out here all day if i wanted to ...

Right now i am using my roomates LAN port on his side of the room ... Ive called maintenance, but i doub't they will get my port fixed for quite a while, especially since people are moving in and complaining about things as well ...

Edit: whats so funny about the huskers? ... of course they aren't nearly as good as they used to be *cough* CALLAHAN!!! *cough* ...

He kinda ruined the husker tradition as soon as he was hired ... they used to let you do Walk-on at the university ... but callahan ditched that program ...
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smotty   Posted 20th Aug 2006 8:21pm
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as a sooner(okie)I'll see ya at the game..think our team sux this year,but well see
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Johnny_Suave   Posted 20th Aug 2006 10:04pm
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Why don't you just show some self restraint instead of not allowing yourself to do those things? Alot of the time, a break from your work will help you re-focus your energy on the task at hand when you return to it, so I don't think you should be so hard on yourself about gaming and such. They could be just the distractions you need once in a while...
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Assaultman67    Posted 21st Aug 2006 4:32am
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Quoting smotty
as a sooner(okie)I'll see ya at the game..think our team sux this year,but well see

... are you going to the game?

ive got home tickets ...

I fear we will suck just as we did last year ... west coast offense sucks , our bread and butter was being able to move the line and run for it, not try to make a good pass with a crappy QB ...

... i could keep going on and on about how callahan ruined husker football ... but you guys probably don't care ...

we had a decent thing going, we should have let the staff of osbournes reign keep coaching ...

EDIT: wait, i don't even think we play Oklahoma this year
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