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hA Warlord   Posted 15th Aug 2006 4:53am
L4Y Member
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If u put use "" and your name between them your search will get more accurate i found 247 on hA Warlord
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cncplyr   Posted 15th Aug 2006 11:45am
L4Y Member
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damn u all posting at strange times in the morning

anyway, using "" for my normal game name sniper Tj finds this :

with the comment 'Sniper T.J. is checking his new tool, he will be ready for action soon once his gear is fully prepared.......... '

not sure I look anything like that at all (the only things similar is hair/eyes and trouser type) but yay theres a pic of me
sorry did I just kill you?
-cncplyr a.k.a. sniper Tj  
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Ghostkid   Posted 15th Aug 2006 3:09pm
Invisible Kid
L4Y Member
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I lost from Goober :
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