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Beatonator    Posted 1st Aug 2006 11:19pm
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OMG! I cant believe this, chekc it out guys.. its pretty class.

It is worth watching most of it, as they show them walking around, and shooting stuff

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HitPerson   Posted 2nd Aug 2006 6:33am
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D2k   Posted 2nd Aug 2006 6:59am
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If those ever get standardized for military purposes they wont be very effective. Prototype or not i dont see a mech being effective on todays battlefield. Mechs are more like walking pinata.

Something i think that could be pretty useful in a battlefield situiation can be a sort of fast moving tower vehicle. it can be as heavily armored as a tank, move at a decent speed, and it can elevate itself sorta like a tower and mabye it can have a minigun or something on it. to get those pesky towel heads hiding on a roof.

Tanks are better though. Now if they would just concentrate on making a tank more effective on different types of terrain and better armor plating techniques then that would be alot better spent.
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DVL_IAC   Posted 2nd Aug 2006 7:09am
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Hmm only the first 50 seconds will play for me.. But anyway that thing looks and sounds pretty cheap I dont think I would trust it.. it looks like its gonna break or fall over...
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Assaultman67    Posted 2nd Aug 2006 7:18am
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i think the future of military weapons will be long distance strike weapons ...

they would probably use a spy satellite to identify an enemy and transmit its GPS coordinates to a orbiting cruise missle satellite or a launch site halfway around the world that will litterally rain death upon its targets ...

not as action packed, but im sure it will save peoples lives ... our people anyways ...

you can walk around in a mech if you want ... but i doubt you can protect yourself from a supersonic cruise missle guided by a satellite ...
DVL_IAC   Posted 2nd Aug 2006 7:38am
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Lol i tried the video again and the whole thing played this time... lol whats it shooting out, Nerf balls? lol That thing is slow slow... I think they would of been better off just making the legs stationary and making the wheels on the bottom go really fast or stick a jet engine or something on the back of it and have that push it lol
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Assaultman67    Posted 2nd Aug 2006 8:08am
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better yet ... use one of my patented killbots :

Assaultman's Killbot 1.0

Assaultman's Killbot 2.0


belive it or not, but those things are quite lethal ... (except killbot 1.0 ... he is not as efficient )
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Mostertman    Posted 2nd Aug 2006 11:11am
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That mech would just be like a sitting duck, in a real battlefield.

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