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Predalienator_   Posted 21st Jul 2006 1:00am
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and physics...................This game[Penumbra] is so cool its like one of those horror adventure games only with a twist.

Look at these screens.

Link to site.
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Equinox   Posted 22nd Jul 2006 10:58am
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Looks quite good. A bit Doom 3 looking though.
Unfortunatly I don't think it would keep me interested for long.
D2k   Posted 22nd Jul 2006 1:35pm
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those screenshots really suck... Remind me to never pick you for sorting through screenshots for any furture projects.

one picture of a bat thing, anther picture of a unexciting locker room, and anther of someone that aparrently thought the lighting coming down from the grated area was worth taking a screenshot over... wheres all the blood and violence? comeon you know as well as i do that the era of bump mapping, dynamic lighting, and simple geometry is over. now its all about high detailed areas, parallax mapping, HDR, rich sounds, and packed to the brim with action and violence.

Honestly from the screenshots it loops pretty boring... wheres the gun? how are you gonna fight off those parrinah bat thingies?
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DVL_IAC   Posted 23rd Jul 2006 8:32pm
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I played it and got board quite quickly. There's not much action and no way to defend yourself. Like the first time one of those thingies comes at you you had to go flick a power switch when it flew through a certain area to kill it.. I much rather just blow it away with a shotgun or something. And there's too much stuff you have to do.. too much going back and forth. (ex. upstairs there's an electronic lock pad you have to unlock but oh no the power went out so it doesn't work so you have to go all the way downstairs to find a generator, but once you find it, oh no there's no gas in it so you have to go find gas, and once you find gas and go back the the generator, oh no again, a tube is missing from it so the gas just leaks out, so now you have to go find a tube, once you find the tube you have to go back to the generator, install it, fire up the generator then go all the way back upstairs, through a load zone and now you can finally use the lock pad and open the door. ) Also the graphics arnt that good... and everything is like fuzzy, like looking at a TV that's not on a channel. even with the noise filter on its still all fuzzy...
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