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HitPerson   Posted 13th Jul 2006 7:13pm
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It would seem that the mayor Of Las Vegas isn't happy with Rainbow Six: Las Vegas. He is making it his personal goal to see that the game is not released.

"It could be harmful economically, and it may be something that's not entitled to free speech (protection)," Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman said of the game's realistic scenes, which he had not personally viewed.

This makes no sense, trying to stop a game like this from coming out when so many other forms of media have made Vegas seem sleazy and/or dangerous. The article even points it out:

plane slammed into the Hard Rock Hotel in 1997's "Con Air," and CBS' hit series "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" offers up a new Las Vegas murder each week. The Stratosphere tower even exploded in "Domino," a Keira Knightley film released in the fall.

Let's not forget other gems like Casino.
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Equinox   Posted 16th Jul 2006 11:13am
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This is simply people trying to score brownie points by condemning a violent video game.
goober   Posted 16th Jul 2006 1:57pm
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They know it will get them international news.
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