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DVL_IAC   Posted 3rd Jul 2006 5:34am
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Yay I finally got my new site done and uploaded! That's one thing I can scratch of my to do list. Anyway the site had a complete make over. It looks way better then what it used to look like and it also had a big update.

Check it out either through This link or This link .

If you find any problems or dead links, be sure to tell me.

Before lazy people that don't read warning screens say "The site doesn't go across my whole screen." or "It's all messed up."
The reason it doesn't go across the whole screen is because it's made for 1024x768 resolution and if you use higher then that you'll have a plain grey bar on one side. The reason it would be all messed up is it doesn't work in Fire Fox, so you'll have to use IE or Opera.
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Assaultman67    Posted 3rd Jul 2006 5:50am
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i looked at your site ...

thanks for the MarsWars link (i don't know if somebody asked you to put it up but its cool that you did )

why is it that you can barely find wallpaper for 2 monitors on the internet ...
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DVL_IAC   Posted 3rd Jul 2006 5:58am
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No body asked me to put it there I just did because I'm part of the team and I like to support any teams I'm in.

If your really desperate for 2 screen wallpapers you could download that 400mb all wallpapers rar file on the wallpapers page. 16 out of those 1023 wallpapers are 2 screen wallpapers. I found 12 of them on Deviant Art and made 4 of them.
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