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cyrus5   Posted 27th Jun 2006 5:31pm
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hey guys, want some advice, the gfx card at works sucks, I need to get one that is capable of running 2 monitors properly. I'm thinking of just buying something cheap off ebay. i.e. ~ £30-40.


At home I have an fx5900xt, its not a bad card, but its finding some new titles a bit heavy going. What I was considering, was rather than buying a cheap one for work, should I spend a little more and upgrade to something like a 6600gt, 6800, or equivalent ATI for home and move my current card to the office. Would an upgrade to a 6600gt 128 or 256mb be worth it? i.e.

Both PC's are AGP, so should I just buy a really cheap card for work and put off spending more and upgrade motherboard and get a pci-e card at a later date when I would have more to spend?

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Garner    Posted 27th Jun 2006 6:05pm
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I upgraded my home PC to a 6800 6-8 months back, being still tied to AGP at the time I couldn't get much better.

The only game its struggling in is Ghost Recon 3.. and even then its not really having much of a problem... its just in the 10-30fps range so perfectly playable still.

The idea is to get a new PC early/middle next year once Vista and the new DX10 graphics cards are out. This PC is perfectly capable of running Vista (its running Beta 2 quite happily right now) but it'll be 3 years old this December and thats time for a new PC

My advice is get something that'll keep you going for the time being and upgrade the mobo properly in 8-12 months time. Buying a new setup now only months before the big leap up to DirectX 10 would be a little silly if you ask me
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