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OutlawSkot33    Posted 27th Jun 2006 9:48am
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Around 5:00pm EST, GMT -5 (1700 hours) today, I will be leaving to head off for the U.S. Army. I will be gone till Feb '07 at the earliest. I wish everyone the best while I am gone.

About 3pm EST, GMT -5, I will make my last visit to L4Y.
Beatonator    Posted 27th Jun 2006 10:05am
Post 1641 / 3716
You have you orders soldier!


1. Take Care
2. Enjoy yourself
3. Make sure to come back in one piece
4. Go get Osama Bin Laden

Trying to find old players. Anyone about? Drop me a PM or reply to this thread:
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Mostertman    Posted 27th Jun 2006 10:08am
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Good Luck!
Take Care!
goober   Posted 27th Jun 2006 2:10pm
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while im disappointed that youre gone, inm happy that youre doing something you want to do, and also, id like to thank you for wrapping up everything in UT200x before you left!
Have a great time!
I map stuff. Sometimes.
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jileb   Posted 27th Jun 2006 2:40pm
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Dont get hurt lol, and take it easy
OutlawSkot33    Posted 27th Jun 2006 7:59pm
Post 997 / 1292
Alright guys and girls and its (Frank, I still havnt figured which you are ), this is my last post and last visit to L4Y for the next 31 weeks. Take care guys.

Garner, Genx, DG, and staff, dont let the site die. Users and Frank, dont cause problems

Cya guys and girls and its.

-Private Scott Hrivnak
cyrus5   Posted 28th Jun 2006 10:49am
[CP] Director
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Post 207 / 241

Best of luck dude! Go do your self proud!!

Only the dead have seen the end of war - Plato
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sobe    Posted 28th Jun 2006 6:48pm
Post 1729 / 3194
Have fun m8
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Assaultman67    Posted 28th Jun 2006 8:16pm
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hope he does ok ... the military is quite tough ... ... its tougher than any football camp, thats for sure ... if he can hack it=im sure it will be an experience he will never forget. (I cant even think about joining the military ... i don't meet the requirements )

Hope he doesn't get hurt either when they ship him off ...
Duke    Posted 29th Jun 2006 6:16am
Post 649 / 1353
Don't worry too much. He's going as an aircraft mechanic. He told me in the staff forums.
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