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Bigblack40   Posted 25th Jun 2006 10:15am
L4Y Member
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It would be funny to see 1
Is there Such?

I dont want to vote, show me the results!
Ok this is just @ random cause my Scince teacher is a band and i just want'd to know wot other people thought
Pic below of Mr.Giles Science Teacher
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HitPerson   Posted 25th Jun 2006 5:36pm
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If they're any good, then yes. Otherwise, no.
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Mostertman    Posted 25th Jun 2006 7:00pm
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Rockstars should be teachers!
HitPerson   Posted 25th Jun 2006 11:41pm
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I wouldn't want Vince Neil or Gene Simmons teaching my kids anything.
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133   Posted 25th Jun 2006 11:54pm
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Two questions, rockstars from the 70's and 80's (the originals) or current "rockstars"?

If it's the latter, then would they be rock artists or pop artists?

The pop artists today should still be in school themselves and any rock artist should only teach by leading a bad example.
KERPAL   Posted 26th Jun 2006 4:11am
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My seventh grade history teacher played in a band, in fact, he even gave me guitar lessons over the summer. so...yeah I say YES.
NoClanFrank    Posted 26th Jun 2006 7:16am
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All I know is that most of my teachers throughout the years rocked. Sure there were some that were over weight. Those are the ones that were said to Rock and Roll.
Teachers can and should be whatever they like, as long as it doesn't set a bad example for their students. If they can't be rockers without setting a good example, then maybe they shouldn't be teaching.
"Those that can, do and those that can't teach."
I'm not sure if the quote is correct.
Music's Key Role in Helping Students Learn
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Assaultman67    Posted 26th Jun 2006 7:16am
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my history teacher could play guitar, in fact, he made us all sing historical songs in his class. so yeah i say ... Hell NO.

Edit: Meant to come in before NCF to add LOLness ...

yeah, thats a classic misquote ... notice the "..." in the title to twist the speakers real words ...
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KERPAL   Posted 26th Jun 2006 7:26am
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All this discussion reminds me of something..

If teachers can rock and roll, why not teach it in school?
Bigblack40   Posted 27th Jun 2006 5:04am
L4Y Member
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yer srry i forgot to tell u i ment other subject teachers
If so we already have a music Teacher
KERPAL   Posted 27th Jun 2006 6:56am
L4Y Member
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? I'm guessing you havent seen the movie the School of rock?
Bigblack40   Posted 27th Jun 2006 7:21am
L4Y Member
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a hobo becomes a fake teacher?
ITCH   Posted 27th Jun 2006 8:43am
L4Y Member
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Yes, Bet U all didn't know that Gene Simmons From KISS was in fact a school teacher when He started the band with Paul Stanley!

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Assaultman67    Posted 27th Jun 2006 7:41pm
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Quoting KERPAL
? I'm guessing you havent seen the movie the School of rock?

Ive seen it ... speaking about Jack Black ... i want to go see nacho libre as well ... it looks funny.
KERPAL   Posted 27th Jun 2006 7:45pm
L4Y Member
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I've seen it and its hilarious!
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