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DVL_IAC   Posted 2nd Aug 2006 7:23pm
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Quoting Terminator20
I can tell you what two of your probelms are considering they both happened on mine and mine is a gonner once again. You said you have oil all over one side of the engine, if this is on the carb side of the engine, this oil is consistant of a leak around the manafold. If the manafold is loose, it will leak gas/oil all over that side of the engine and cause the hard start issue you seem to have. There are two bolts that hold the manafold onto the engine. First remove the carb to get to the manafold and tighten them bolts and then put the carb back on. On mine, I had a sheared bolt inside the engine that I had to get a extractor to get it out! OMG!

Whats a manafold? lol I'm a comp nerd not a mechanic


The clanging sound you hear is most likely to do with the cylinder area and the piston is knocking. It will keep doing this till the piston gets totally fu** up. As you guys already know, I had to do a major repair cause the engine overheated and galled and cracked the piston and chewed up the intake side of the head. I would not be surprised if this is what happens to your engine soon.

Hmm I wonder if my engine did the same thing... I was driving in about 97F (118F after the humidity is added) temperatures for about an hour pretty much full throttle the whole time...
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Assaultman67    Posted 2nd Aug 2006 10:15pm
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well, im not quite sure what he is talking about on a scooter ... because i don't have one nor have i ever worked on one (what i told you was probably how it was designed though).

A manifold (in a car)is something that routes intake airflow or exhaust airflow to/from the cylianders ... Im guessing he is talking about the exhaust manifold because im taking a logical guess that the scooter has some sort of muffler which probably vibrated causing the bolt to shear (or he broke it somehow) ... and you don't need a really complex intake manifold on a single stroke engine ...

Edit: im both ...

oh, yeah you killed it ...
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Terminator20   Posted 6th Aug 2006 2:40am
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Glad you asked, small engines are different than vehicle engines because they don't have the need to be so complex. The intake manafold is that black plastic piece that goes between the carb and the engine. Its like a heat spacer of sorts that they call a intake manafold.

Full Throttle seems to kill these engines pretty quick! It does not matter weather you are running the correct gas/oil mixture or not, it will still overheat and die! Outdoor power equipment engines are different because they are quality built and are made to run at full throttle. These cheap Chinese engines are a complete joke.
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