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cyrus5   Posted 22nd Jun 2006 2:01pm
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Blue-Ray only because its already in PS3
Dual format players/writers
DVD for me :)
DVD is higher quality than my TV can do
I want my movies on 21,000 floppy disks
I'll get a dedicated line and dl rips..

I dont want to vote, show me the results!
Just wondering what people think of the next gen DVD war, in particular whether Blue-Ray will survive purely because the ps3 will eventually have it.

I dont mind who wins (Die sony die...) so long as the movies dont get more expensive. At least it will stop the pirates.. downloading a 20gb HD/BD-DVD rip is gonna take a while!

I still laugh at the fact that the first players will cost >$1000 or something ridiculous!
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Killer01   Posted 23rd Jun 2006 6:21am
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Lol, 1000 odd floppys would be funny, Why no VCDS?

The Blueray Sytem Uses Starforce 5 Copy Protection, and Serial Number Disabling, So if you get a New Blue Disc, It could make some of the Previous titals Unable to Play. HDDVD Uses Watermarking
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Assaultman67    Posted 23rd Jun 2006 6:49am
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Quoting cyrus5
... At least it will stop the pirates.. downloading a 20gb HD/BD-DVD rip is gonna take a while!

not really ... they probably will just drop the res and nobody would know the difference ... 20 gb is ridiculous for just one movie ... i mean most of those illegal dled movie watchers won't have a way to put it on their TV anyway so all that extra resoultion isn't needed if they are watching it on their PC ... and if they could it would have to be a huge HDTV in order for them to see the difference ...

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