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cyrus5   Posted 22nd Jun 2006 1:05pm
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hey peeps, slightly different topic from normal. Google and Microsoft have failed me...

I want to take data in the format:

and produce a line scatter graph thus:

I want each block to be a seperate series. Excel seems to want me to add each by hand, which is painful since there is about 1000 lines worth. Basicly the data is a set of line segments in 2d, spat out by an algorithm i'm writing at work and I want to be able to varify its drawing the correct thing.

I guess I could write something to display the data resonably quickly, or write a macro if it came to it, I just wondered if anyone knows how to do it in excel.

I just wanted to select it all, click make graph and let excel sort it; it seems like a reasonable request for excel to be able to split the data into series when it hits the blank lines between blocks of data. retarded software.

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