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TheGameste   Posted 16th Jun 2006 12:45pm
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Well I have a small challenge for those of you that are skin fanatics and if not have fun trying. If you got an idea of a picture of what I describe then I'd love to take a small look see. First off it's a raptor skin/model with some modifications. So here we go, Part shadow with part fire in a rotation around it's body. The eye's have fire inside the middle of the eye and moving outward the outer part of the pupil should be one as red and one as a blue or black color. If you can imagine just those two parts add or subtract things and you could make a small pack. Now for the main reason I'm posting this is because I don't have the time, resources, or knowledge enough of how to work it.
P.S. Thanks to all who think they can or want to try and create something similar to it.
Duke    Posted 17th Jun 2006 10:38am
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Well, I have a few suggestions for you.

1. Can you supply a sketch of what you want? It'd really help for people to make the skin if they could see what you wanted.
2. Try posting in the correct forum. You should have posted it in the Levels4You UT2004 General Forum, instead of the main forum.
3. Have you tried the AtariCommunity forums yet? They have a forum specifically for sharing ideas for skins, mutators, mods and levels.

EDIT: Oh, and 'Welcome to'
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TheGameste   Posted 18th Jun 2006 12:47am
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Ahhh Thank you very much staff member type person. It would be my first time posting on these forums and unfortunately I can't draw but I'm sure I can find someone who can. It'll take me awhile and again sorry about posting in the wrong forums part.

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