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Aerithis   Posted 13th Jun 2006 5:44am
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Hello, I was trying to download the file DM-UndergroundDepot V1.0 by Adema in the UT 2004 CDC section. It told me it could not find the file when I clicked download. Is there anything I can do about this?
RED-FROG   Posted 16th Jun 2006 1:00am
L4Y Resident
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It seems like the file is outdated.
When you try to download it, you are about to download a different file, not UndergroundDepot.
The requested file, 'DM - FY-Iceworld' by 'brak2000' is available for download on the following servers!

Not Found
The requested URL /ut2004/dm - was not found on this server.
It seems like the file hasnt been uploaded officially. (its not on ut04 filefront) but you may find it with google or something. Or just PM, email that guy
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Aerithis   Posted 6th Jul 2006 9:57pm
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Aww, too bad. Well thanks .

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