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HitPerson   Posted 9th Jun 2006 3:02pm
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For those who feel that they might be playing videogames a bit too much, there's hope. A detox center for those suffering from game addiction has opened in the Netherlands, and i'm sure more will open around the globe in the future.

Pardon me for sounding insensitive, but I think the whole idea is ridiculous. It seems more and more that we (society) are labeling basic things as illness and requiring rehab and even medicine for said illness. A prime example is someone telling me I show signs of obsessive compulsive disorder and should see a doctor...because I keep all of my games/movies/music in alphabetical order! The sad thing is that they were serious about it.

Not that there is anything wrong with being sensitive to another's needs, but when we start to tell people that they have problems and that it's not their fault they will use that as a crutch and the problem won't get any better.

[ and yes I know I turned this into a rant ]
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Predalienator_   Posted 9th Jun 2006 3:18pm
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They really think us gamers are the wrong side of society........

[BTW.Anyone got some links to anti-videogame sites?I,m bored and a little bit of something funny is what i need now]
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D2k   Posted 20th Jun 2006 3:58am
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what is the matter with you people? i would never take the time so sit there arranging my games in alphabetical order... LOL. All i need to know to identify a game is the name and the description of its box / jewel case. I do at least label my backup cd's and put them in a paticular black cd holder because i have so many.

Id rather live in chaos where all my junk is just thrown in 1 box. That way if i loose track of something theres only 1 place it can possibly be. unless someone else was in my room and preforms a unholy rituial which i like to call "re-arranging my stuff" and then things magically disappear... *cough*MOM*cough*

i might live in chaos but i always know where everything is at, and in the end thats all that matters.

my desk is neat, with the exception of the stockpile of waterbottles because its flippin hot. It was 102 yesterday.

erm... about the rehab thing, videogames isnt something you need to go to rehab for. its something rehab should issue people to do in place of their other *bad* habbits.
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D2k   Posted 20th Jun 2006 4:10am
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yes... anti gaming sites... more like "click here and we will metaphorically eat your brains websites"
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Assaultman67    Posted 20th Jun 2006 5:30am
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dude, ever since predalienator pulled that trick on me ... i haven't clicked on a link yet without checking where it goes ...

as someone once said ... fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, F$%# YOU! J/K ... couldn't help it ...

i might go there when i need to study this fall ... i think i do have a problem ... though i plan on quitting cold turkey, im going to leave all my games at home, and bring a clean laptop to do homework on during the weekends when i don't have something urgent to study, i will then go home and play games all weekend .

i am not a OCD person though ... but when it come to my garage or my car, i hate not having it clean ... i, however, don't care at all that my room has no visable floor and has pop cans everywhere.

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