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cyrus5   Posted 7th Jun 2006 3:52pm
[CP] Director
L4Y Member
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I've noticed a hell of alot of people recently that seem to be new to these online forums and seem to have an over fondness for writing in caps, having piss poor punctuation, and demanding things without first even putting any effort into resolving their problems themselves.

So I thought I would have a rant, i mean 'give some lessons' in ettiquette

Some pointers:


People take this as being shouted at. If you want to emphasise your post in an 'emphatical but lighthearted way' use smileys , italics, bold, underline or colour.

2. Be careful with sarcasm. -

Remember that sarcasm and other forms of speech depend on the tone of the persons voice, which we cant hear!. If you write without visual clues you just sound offensive.

3. Write properly and use punctuation -

Unlike text messages, letters are free for web users. Use them. Especially those silly looking characters you have to push shift to use. I know they are extra keypresses, but a few commas and full stops are not going to give you RSI; if you're like me, you probably have it already

It also makes it far easier to read since we dont have to translate your message from 'pre-school sounding chav'd-up 377t txtmsg speech' before we can start to comprehend the question you were actually asking.

4. Use some 'elbow grease' -

People on this site are generally very amenable folk who are all to happy to help other users. But unless you are really new to computers and dont know how to go about researching your problem, please, please, put a little effort into it first! When you post asking if someone can send you a link to some particular level you want, at least Google for it first. If you really cant find it then fair enough, say 'I've looked for it but cant find it, could someone help me out?'.

Basicly common sense, more or less.

For some more rules and advice like this, consult the Forum Rules... which of course everyone has no doubt already done..

Now you have been enlightened, you may now go forth and revel in the knowledge that you are one of a small number of people now well versed in the ancient art known as the English language

Only the dead have seen the end of war - Plato
I think it would be a good idea. - Mahatma Gandhi, when asked what he thought of Western civilisation.!  
HitPerson   Posted 7th Jun 2006 4:54pm
L4Y Member
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While I applaud your efforts, I think it is safe to say they will be in vain.
Hitperson: a politically correct assassin.    
modmaker91   Posted 7th Jun 2006 5:00pm
L4Y Member
Post 321 / 407

I agree with HitPerson, new members probably won't check for this topic 4 months later when it's 8 pages deep into the old topics. This MIGHT might help people who are just joining now, but other than that it probably won't help. Mabye this stuff should be added to the rules?
Let those who don't understand me, fear me. Let those who understand me, fear themselves.    
cyrus5   Posted 7th Jun 2006 6:21pm
[CP] Director
L4Y Member
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I just felt like a rant

And maybe people will pickup on it and inform the masses!

And then there is wishful thinking!
Only the dead have seen the end of war - Plato
I think it would be a good idea. - Mahatma Gandhi, when asked what he thought of Western civilisation.!  
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Mono   Posted 8th Jun 2006 5:25am
L4Y Member
Post 528 / 636

Quoting cyrus5

2. Be careful with sarcasm.

May I suggest use of [sarcasm] and [/sarcasm] tags?

- Mono    
133   Posted 8th Jun 2006 5:40am
L4Y Member
Post 70 / 79

Common sense stuff, but as usual, the internet has the ability to make it so acutely obvious that common sense really isn't that common.
Duke    Posted 9th Jun 2006 12:56am
Post 629 / 1353
Quoting Jakester 008
oh how do you color letters?


Quoting Forumcode
These tags are a great way to add life into your posts. However please use them sparingly, over use of these tags can be very annoying!
[colorname]Color Text[/colorname]
Where colorname can be any of the following colors...
pink, red, blue, grey, orange, purple, yellow, black, green, white

If you want to use another color not specified above then you may use the following [col] forumcode.
Example : Text
The #HTMLCOLOR must be the hex code for the color you wish to use and must have the preceeding #!
Those who follow the path of others lack the imagination or courage to create their own.
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Assaultman67    Posted 9th Jun 2006 1:11am
Post 1264 / 4376
There is a button below the quick smilies with a reference to all tags that can be used at L4Y ...

... may i make a suggestion that we bold print all forum rules buttons, circle it twice with red ink and have yellow flashing arrows point at it?

... that way no one could miss it ... ... ... except a blind man ... but why would a blind man surf the web ... ive never seen a braille site? ( )
   Modified Jun 9th, 01:12am by Assaultman67
133   Posted 9th Jun 2006 6:11am
L4Y Member
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Another, rather appropriate rule.

5. For fucks sake, PM other members rather than spam up a once decent topic.
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