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SU8ZERO   Posted 5th Jun 2006 4:51pm
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this is for no particular game but i have about 17 games on my hdd
only 2 i can mod and 2 moore i try to mod
well see idk why buti think the programmers or whoever makes the game fucks up the file ext of stuff so it cant be modded
for example
on marc ecko's getting up
the tag art files are .STX
well wen i look those up in file ext library i find it says this
STX is the file extension for the Tax form file associated with CA-Simply Tax. It is also the file extension for the SmarText electronic book file
well my guess is that this would be an image
same for unreal:liandri conflict
the xbox maps files are .LIN and i cant seem to find anything to open those
and suggestion would be nice
goober   Posted 5th Jun 2006 11:47pm
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First off, dont swear, i dont know why the filter didnt pick it up though
I dont understand what your asking
I map stuff. Sometimes.
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Assaultman67    Posted 6th Jun 2006 1:47am
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no one probably set up a basic filter in the shop section ...

as for modding games ... most games are given weird file extentions so it is harder to mod ...

so they are probably not going to list it in the file extension database (if you're looking at microsoft's database ... definitely not ... it would make it that much easier to mod the thing if they knew exactly what is was and what program to open it ... infact, they might went as far as to pick a extension that was way off from what it actually was ...

the only thing i can think of is that maybe they changed the extension to some odd file but really the game just interprets it as just another common graphic file (like a .tga or .png or something) ... its possible the file is a package of graphics too (if there are not too many of these in a folder and the file is somewhat large ... in this case you'll need the packager program ... ) ... or the game is so hardcoded that the textures have their own unique language to decode the graphics ...

I guess you could try to change the extention to something openable and see if you can open it as a file (which is a shot in the dark ... it probably wouldn't work because they probably would do more than that to discourage people from changing textures)

open it in notepad ... sometimes you can figure it out much faster doing that ... i know RF2 has .peg packages because inside them they are .tga ...
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SU8ZERO   Posted 6th Jun 2006 6:34am
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sry for the swear
my firt post here
is there a file ext converter out there? cuz i really wanna mod this game
if so send a link plz
or if any1 can help me out ill send a file and see if they can help open it or something
my aim is streetbmxer7
thanx in advance
LordSeafood   Posted 6th Jun 2006 7:50am
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If a file is setup for another extension you can just rename the file and add the extension it will work with.
Usually developers create an extension that only their games use, so the game Marc Ecko actually does use the extension .STX for its files, they didnt rename it just so you couldnt open it.

Some developers then create programs for the public that will allow their files to be opened and data to be extracted so anyone can use it ... but not many do.
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cyrus5   Posted 6th Jun 2006 2:24pm
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Most games use their own file formats so that they can have meshes and textures in the most optimal format for the way they are using them, they also tend to attach extra information to files. its entirely possible that a given 'texture' might be their own header followed by a standard tga or png.

Basicly if it looks sensible when you open in notepad, you can edit it. otherwise, you need their exporter/importer software.

One thing to try, which has worked in the past, is to contact the developers to see if they would allow you to have the file format specification (or god forbid, for them to release some of their tools). This is how some community written editors are made. Otherwise you have to work out the file format yourself, which is more difficult, but not impossible if you have a good hex editor. This is how the others are made.

If you want to edit meshes, then take a look at blender or milkshape to see if they support that format, they seem to have the widest range of game specific exporters.
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SU8ZERO   Posted 6th Jun 2006 9:14pm
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well for the marc ecko game i ftped a tag from there to my comp
i went into PS and changed the extension to about EVERY kind PS can open and the only one i got was .RAW
it opened yes but it was distorted like black n white squares

cyrus5   Posted 7th Jun 2006 10:48am
[CP] Director
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you could rename any file and open it up as a .raw

files are jsut collections of bytes, thus, if you rename anything to anything else, it might well open, but would be a complete load of gibberish.

What you can do though, is

1. if you know the file is a texture AND
2. you know what dimensions it should be (ie 256x256 or otherwise)
3. and have some idea whether it is in RGB or RGBA format,

you should be able to work out the size of the equivalent raw file.

ie for 256x256 RGB (3bytes per pixel) : 196608 bytes.

then from that, if you know the size of the file you are trying to open, ie 200000bytes for example, then you can deduce that the header is 200000 - 196608 = 3392 bytes.

From this when you open it up in photoshop, you can enter that number as the 'header size', which means that photoshop would skip the header and just display the image pixels.

With a bit of fiddling you might well be able to get at the image.

to give you a helping hand ive worked out some file sizes for common texture sizes and formats:

RGB format (no alpha channel)

128x128 : 49,152 bytes
256x256 : 196,608 bytes
512x512 : 786,432 bytes

RGBA format

128x128 : 65,536 bytes
256x256 : 262,144 bytes
512x512 : 1,048,576 bytes

if you grab the texture you want to edit, its reasonably likely to be somewhere close to one of these file sizes. that will give you a clue what size it is.

I Haven't got photoshop on hand so i cant check what formats photoshop opens as raw files, iirc, it does RGB, CYMK, HSL formats. for RGBA, you can open it as CYMK since that is the only 4byte per pixel format, it wont look right but if you create a new image of the same size in RGB with alpha channel, you can copy each channel seperately from C, Y, M, and K to R, G, B and alpha respectively.

If you email me one of the textures, I might be able to whip up a program to convert them for you, not something that should take me long, I end up faffing with things like this quite alot as you may have guessed! tga files are well supported, and are piss easy to make from raw files. (very minor amount of header info).

Happy hacking!
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I think it would be a good idea. - Mahatma Gandhi, when asked what he thought of Western civilisation.!  
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modmaker91   Posted 7th Jun 2006 5:02pm
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If people made the files this way, they don't want you to mod them. How about getting a game friendly to mods like Red Faction.
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SU8ZERO   Posted 7th Jun 2006 7:40pm
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well see it fun wen ur the 1st to do something like mod a new game thus why me and cyrus5 are working on it sumwat
cyrus5   Posted 9th Jun 2006 12:19pm
[CP] Director
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You're lucky, I got bored at lunch so had a fiddle, here is the current state of my art..

I'm getting something recognisable, just have to try and work out exactly what the image format is. It seems to have a couple of texture layers in one.


ED DD 0A BD A0 AA DD 55 FF FF 00 00 00 00 00 00

thats the hex for one pixel. Normally pixels are RGBA etc where there are 3 or 4 channels. in total per pixel entry this one has 16.

I assume that this is allowing them to export colour, alpha, and normal maps or some combination. I ended up splitting the image into 16 channels so I can view the image in each. This is the result so far. From this I think that the images with the X in them might be one texture layer but of a larger bit depth. Or perhaps an RGBe image.

I'll have another play later today and see if i cant make some sense out of it.

Just out of interest, whats the game like? I havent played it. If I'm modding it i might as well find out what its like!

Oh and lastly, The all important image!

Only the dead have seen the end of war - Plato
I think it would be a good idea. - Mahatma Gandhi, when asked what he thought of Western civilisation.!  
SU8ZERO   Posted 12th Jun 2006 10:19pm
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nice man ur doing good
the game is pretty good,mostly repetition but its fun,the fight isnt all that good but works,the getting up and tagging is the fun part

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