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pinkert0n   Posted 1st Jun 2006 7:19pm
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hmmm whats going on with THQ, again tracker crash and no servers in the list, and as usual i take off my favorite server of the list cause it was slowing down the server search, if anyone have a good list can u please post it here or give us a url

... did anybody know if they will crash again 3 months ?!?! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !!
june, 1, 14:03 GMT -5
MRS_KILLLLLLL   Posted 1st Jun 2006 8:11pm
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Go here:

ExoStatic   Posted 1st Jun 2006 8:55pm
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1, the PanjaTracker doesn't download the favourites
2, I can't download them from the site either.
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loelchen   Posted 1st Jun 2006 9:52pm
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I do have a list with millions of Server-adresses in it. Now, its only a 'servers document'. Does someone know, how i can change it to a favlist.adr as it was here to download, when the Masterserver crashed last time?
goober   Posted 1st Jun 2006 10:00pm
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You cant.
Its a completly differnt format and encoding...
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loelchen   Posted 1st Jun 2006 10:09pm
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But thanks for your answer
goober   Posted 1st Jun 2006 10:42pm
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you cannot

this is the code taken from my favlist that has only franks server on it
Å&jGK Frank's Dedicated™ Red Storm Mo mf_All_Around_The_World RedStorm  µ 
I map stuff. Sometimes.
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.:DZ:.TARIBI   Posted 1st Jun 2006 11:50pm
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hi all you can download the favlist on the DZ SITE but you must be Registered but if you like to play rf you will do it muahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
ng_zz   Posted 2nd Jun 2006 11:06am
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ain't much but . .

4F: Rail Team
(CC) No Mods
Viper 3
Have Fun

(i entered em in PanjaTracker, but amusingly it doesn't seem to be working)
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Nurse   Posted 2nd Jun 2006 3:59pm
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I have a few more to add, but a lot seem to be N/R

Bored Aussie 3......
Rats Weird server...
Micro's 24/7 NoMod..
DZ DM ...........
[JtB]Jones Town.....
M.I.G. Court 5......
Microfaction Dedicated...
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L4Y   Posted 3rd Jun 2006 5:32am
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This topic was closed because...

Master server is back online. Thanks to all for the IPs.

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