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IAmASnIpEr   Posted 28th May 2006 11:18pm
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Here It Is...I Worked Pretty Hard On This
Please Leave Comments If You Like It

Part One (Myspace):Better Quality:

Part One (YouTube)

Part Two (Myspace):Better Quality:

Part Two (YouTube)

D2k   Posted 29th May 2006 3:41am
L4Y Member
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nice music that was my favorite part. However it looks like the bots were a bit incompetent looked like they were on a easy difficulty. otherwise i doubt you can get headshots all day online.

anaways, welcome to L4y.
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Molodiets   Posted 29th May 2006 3:55am
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good old tournament and its easy headshots.
IAmASnIpEr   Posted 29th May 2006 5:55am
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heh yea but who doesnt enjoy ownage...i mean come on seriously
(even if they are bots set on easy)
i mostly was just practicing my aim and having a fun little movie project
thanks for the replies

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