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OutlawSkot33    Posted 13th May 2006 11:53pm
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About an hour till Prom starts for Wadsworth High School, and I cant tie my dang tie lol. Thankfully though, one of my recruiters for the US Army lives in the same city as me and lol, being unable to tie it myself, and my drunk mom being of no help, I have had to call my recruiter to ask him to come over and help me out lol. What a way to start a night before it even begins. Now I just have to wait for my recruiter to get here
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Assaultman67    Posted 14th May 2006 3:04am
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don't worry ... i couldn't tie a tie either.

i can tie it but i can't make it look good. ...

i had a freind tie it for me about a month ago and i have been using the same knot ever since .
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Equinox   Posted 14th May 2006 6:36am
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My prom rocked (although its not called a prom over here ).
Hahaha I was hopeless with my tie as well.
I'm sure your prom would have been quite a lot of fun for you.
OutlawSkot33    Posted 14th May 2006 10:29am
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Quoting Equinox
My prom rocked (although its not called a prom over here ).
Hahaha I was hopeless with my tie as well.
I'm sure your prom would have been quite a lot of fun for you.

Tonight f'ing sucked. Had no date, had no-one to dance with. So, I ended up sitting at my dang dinner table for 4 hours just drinking pepsi and water. Post Prom (aka After Prom) sucked also. I walked around for 4 hours alone with no-one to hang out with, why, becaus eof the 370 something students in the senior class of '06, I am the loneliest-biggest mother f'ing outcast. I am always alone. I've been alone for 17 years and 10 months of the 7 years and 11 months I have been alive. It f'ing sucks that my last school event I spent 8 hours alone during it, and going to graduate, still alone. Tonight, was a mother f'ing waste of $122...
SkipRat    Posted 14th May 2006 12:06pm
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Well i live in england and we had a "prom" but me and most of my friends thought it was for geeks and went out and got high/drunk and had a much better time
The only people that go to proms in england are those annoying nerds.
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The_Doc   Posted 14th May 2006 12:38pm
Stargate Worlds
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My prom was horrible... needed the toilet really badly because the toilets were full of guys smoking and drimking and doing god knows else what! So had to stand around for 3 hours crossing my legs.

Afterwards i went to my cousins, and took the biggist whizz EVER!! I then went out with some friends and got drunk... THAT was fun, well until the police came, but we all just ran away

Sorry, about your prom Outlaw...
goober   Posted 14th May 2006 1:46pm
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Yea, its not called a Prom here either....
I map stuff. Sometimes.
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