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The_Doc   Posted 12th May 2006 6:52pm
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How many monitors do you lot have set up?

Thanks to my dad and grandad, i now have 2!

Got a 20" widescreen and my normal 19" Dell.

Must admit its pretty cool!!
Assaultman67    Posted 12th May 2006 6:59pm
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dam right its pretty cool ... i bet after a month of getting used to it you get frustrated when you work on any other 1 monitor PC ...

I have 2 flat panel 19" monitors rigged up now ... I thought about trying to get a 4 monitor out video card and running 3 or 4 monitors off of it ... problem is it would kill me if i had to go back to one monitor .
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Filip Alex   Posted 12th May 2006 7:06pm
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I have 2 too. One is 17" Philips and the other one old SVGA Funai. The second one requires a few well placed punches after every start so the image can stabilize. The poor monitor .
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Assaultman67    Posted 12th May 2006 7:16pm
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i used to have 2 old bulky monitors ... the smaller one was ok but the larger one sucked ... i remember i used to call it "bubble vision". The images on the screen bowed in like looking through a bubble ... problem was you couldn't re adjust it to fix it .

but ol' bubble vision is long gone now .
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goober   Posted 12th May 2006 10:12pm
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I have one LG monitor set up to my main PC, then i have another old old hooked up to my little crappy P3 running Linux.
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