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Equinox   Posted 12th May 2006 7:22am
L4Y Member
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I have rendered out a series of bitmaps with terragen but I don't know how to compile them into a video file. I'm sure there are programs out there that do this but I just need someone to point me in the right direction.
Assaultman67    Posted 14th May 2006 4:58am
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fraps provides a free demo that lets you record 30 seconds at a time ...
Molodiets   Posted 14th May 2006 6:23am
L4Y Member
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I think terragen can do that itself, thanks to its free plug-in "terranim" available on the same site where you downloaded Terragen (provided you actually downloaded it on their home site and not on l4y)
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Equinox   Posted 14th May 2006 6:25am
L4Y Member
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Terranim just creates the path coordinates for the camera to move about the environment. I did find a program that will compile bitmaps called Videomach, unfortunately it won't render .mov.
Molodiets   Posted 14th May 2006 9:12am
L4Y Member
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You have terranim, campath, you're able to create a sequence of bitmap images. To assemble the images one after another you need either videomatch (ok you don't like it) or bink (bink also converts various type of video formats into one another but you can't convert into .mov. Why don't you content with Divx).
To convert something into .mov, there is QTConvert if you own a mac. Otherwise i know you can do it with Quicktime pro if you bought it.
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Equinox   Posted 14th May 2006 10:04am
L4Y Member
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I need it as a .mov because I need it to be compatible with a Mac as well as a PC .

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