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Xolair   Posted 7th May 2006 4:09pm
L4Y Member
Post 32 / 100

Hey everyone. I'm asking, if anyone would like to join our new, awesome
community. It's fresh, yes, but there'll be more members soon. And, there's even forums for modding and programming. Please join, we need
'ya. It'll be fun, trust me.    
walter93   Posted 8th May 2006 12:53am
L4Y Member
Post 275 / 507

should i pack my bags?
Xolair   Posted 8th May 2006 7:03pm
L4Y Member
Post 33 / 100

Quoting walter93
should i pack my bags?

If that's in positive sense, well yes.    
walter93   Posted 9th May 2006 12:16am
L4Y Member
Post 276 / 507

oh. its mostly hitman games.
Xolair   Posted 9th May 2006 3:35pm
L4Y Member
Post 34 / 100

Quoting HR93
this has nothing to do with MP2......

Now there is... c'mon, join please.    
daudnatania   Posted 11th May 2006 4:06pm
L4Y Member
Post 108 / 247

i think I'll join in. Maybe Lazer will join in too. I think you should post your link to other members too.
SkipRat    Posted 11th May 2006 10:07pm
Post 1515 / 3024
Quoting HR93
this has nothing to do with MP2......

it isnt in the maxpayne forums. Just happens he was on the maxpayne section of the site when he posted in the lounge... thats all

People always get confused with this... whatever section the person is in when they post it shows up in the relative section for everyone else too.

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