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Killer01   Posted 6th May 2006 4:55am
L4Y Member
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Greets, can anyone access the UT2007 Forum, coz for me it just goes in a loop straight back to the main forum index
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Equinox   Posted 6th May 2006 6:53am
L4Y Member
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UT2007 section? If it is in there somewhere it is probably under construction and not accessable by anyone other than section staff and admins.
goober   Posted 6th May 2006 1:57pm
L4Y Member
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Yea, if you go to the forums section of the main L4Y page, you wont see BF2 or Descent 3 , and you will see Unreal Tournament 2007.
Also for some reason, DF BHD is moved up above CS: Source.....
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Equinox   Posted 6th May 2006 11:10pm
L4Y Member
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Maybe the permissions of that page are screwy.
OutlawSkot33    Posted 7th May 2006 2:00am
Post 952 / 1292
You are getting redirected because that section of L4Y is closed. Unless you have access, you cant goto it until Genxer, Garner, or I open it. It wont be opened until I finish two more parts of it.

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