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ExoStatic   Posted 4th May 2006 2:02pm
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Some of you may know about Cillit Bang.

It's a cheesy cleaning product with an even cheesier ad. Those who love the ad, watch THIS video. It's hilarious. It's hardcore video remix of one of the Cillit Bang adverts featuring the one and only... Barry Scott! I was laughing for about 30 mins after I watched it!

it's great
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Equinox   Posted 6th May 2006 6:56am
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Dorling   Posted 6th May 2006 8:24am
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Hey man, what you think of UK ads eh?
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Filip Alex   Posted 6th May 2006 11:18am
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Not very funny, but it looks very nice .
P.S. Darn! I wasted half an hour downloading this . I hate ClipRat Starch ClickNet Start's dial-up(they also cost about 30$ for 7-8 hours ).They almost murdered the gamer out of me (no wonder I don't play RF MP anymore but I still download small maps ).
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Ghostkid   Posted 6th May 2006 1:14pm
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that man speaks dutch in belgium...
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Equinox   Posted 6th May 2006 11:11pm
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Quoting Dorling
Hey man, what you think of UK ads eh?

lol they are a little odd so far, i've only seen one.

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