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Molodiets   Posted 1st May 2006 10:43pm
L4Y Member
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Look at the big video in this page.
That robodog has more balance than your pet!

I want something like that to carry my backpack.
DVL_IAC   Posted 1st May 2006 11:14pm
L4Y Member
Post 775 / 1417

Wow that's creepy looking...
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crimsonpig   Posted 2nd May 2006 5:53pm
L4Y Member
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Oh my god that thing is ugly! It just looks like a table coated in ugly stuff!
Assaultman67    Posted 2nd May 2006 6:31pm
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Yeah, ive seen that before ... i belive the military is funding them to develop a robot that can go where people can go that can carry equipment for soliders ...

so molodiets, it is made to carry backpacks

Oh BTW crimson, if you want to talk about ugly ... look at your avatar ... ive seen it twice and its already got me annoyed
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