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Equinox   Posted 27th Apr 2006 12:05pm
L4Y Member
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The technology trailer is very pretty indeed and from the various screenies i've seen around the net it rivals UT07's player models ingame and surpases it for outdoor environments.

This time i'm hoping it will actually be a decent game and not just a gigantic tech demo (I could be asking to much).

cyrus5   Posted 27th Apr 2006 2:10pm
[CP] Director
L4Y Member
Post 159 / 241

Looks impressive! Could be a good game, I really enjoyed farcry.

Even if its just a demo, they are by far the best looking computer faces I've seen... Some of those screenshots are nearing the realms of photo-realism. The lighting model looks fantastic, I really like the sunbeams in the terrain shots too. Expensive shader code though no doubt, even on Nvidia/ATI's best I bet thats got to chug...
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LordSeafood   Posted 27th Apr 2006 2:58pm
L4Y Member
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It does look brilliant, there is no way my current rig could run that

Its supposed to be very similar to farcry aswell so it should shape up to be a top grade game.
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Equinox   Posted 28th Apr 2006 12:03am
L4Y Member
Post 389 / 468

I'm more impressed with the dynamic environments, which is most of the outdoor shots which invovle a character moving around in the trailer.

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